Places available on next one day courses - anger issues; stress and anxiety.

Further information - 0208 984 9887; 07941943916.

anger course in London

E-mail us with your questions and inquiries regarding wellbeing, counselling, positive pyshology.

A positive psychologist East London based giving

- life coaching - tailored individual wellbeing courses - one day anger, stress or anxiety workshops

- to enhance and improve well being - accessible to all London, Essex, Kent.

Programme for the anger course in London, anger workshop in Essex, local to Kent.Register your interest in attending an anger workshop.

One Day Course Outline - we treat any information you provide as confidential.

The focus is on your strengths.

We will guide you to make positive goal setting for your life, work, relationships.

The anger course in London encourages self efficacy and self understanding.

Your contributions at the anger workshop in Essex are heard without judgment or criticism.

The anger course in London, anger workshop in Essex is provided by Phoenix Counselling Service as part of our commitment to offering professional effective therapy and counselling to the general community.

E-Mail Phoenix Counselling Service with your questions and enquiries.

One day anger, stress, relationship workshops located at Phoenix Counselling Service 591 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM9 5AZ - 0208 984 9887.

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