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A positive psychologist East London based giving

- life coaching - tailored individual wellbeing courses - one day anger, stress or anxiety workshops

- to enhance and improve well being - accessible to all London, Essex, Kent.

A positive psychologist East London location, working for a “not for profit” agency, using positive psychology to offer life coaching in East London - anger help South Essex wide - to enhance your well being. Jacky Lloyd works with Phoenix Counselling Service, based in Dagenham, East London, near all areas of Essex and Kent that has been serving the whole community of London, and South East England since 1999. We specialize in offering positive psychology, affordable, accessible, professional counselling and therapy, life coaching in East London, to improve your well being.

On these pages we detail the one day courses we offer employing techniques and learning from brief counselling and positive psychology to improve your well being. Whether you need assistance with issues of low esteem, anger, anxiety and bereavement or relationship struggles we have what you need and fees you can afford. At Phoenix Counselling Service, our goal is to provide you with effective, supportive, professional service of the highest standard.

Browse our Parent Web site for more information about Phoenix Counselling Service. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Phoenix Counselling Service representative regarding our courses or ongoing individual, group and couples sessions please e-mail us at or call us at +44 (0)20 8984 9887.

Please explore our web site to find out more about our offering positive psychology to improve your well being, our work of life coaching East London based, anger help South Essex wide.

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Mental tension control. Sleep diet. Relaxation techniques. Help with false thinking.

Our well being courses offer anger help South Essex wide, accessible to London and the South East - are our contribution to improving the mental health of Londoners and those living in the South East.

One day anger, stress, relationship workshops located at Phoenix Counselling Service 591 Heathway Dagenham Essex RM9 5AZ - 0208 984 9887.

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